Monday, 11 February 2013

Mother's Day Guest Blog - Sara Kitchener from Sara's Kitchen

Today's Mother's Day guest blogger is Sara from Sara's Kitchen. The baker of the best cakes in the entire world. Take a look at them aren't they fabulous??


Sara's talking to us about being a mummy and running an incredibly successful business.
Before October of last year I didn't know Sara but since then we've become great friends, we now share business premises in the Silver Birch Studio and she's one person that I know I can rely on when I'm having a tough day as a 'business mummy'. Have a read of what she has to say.

"So when I started to think about I would write for this blog post by the lovely Maxine at Life’s a Celebration, I scratched my head and really struggled, see I’m not very good at writing about myself or my business, I love to hide behind my cakes, so I scratched my head some more and thought about how I’d got to where I am today.
Rewind five and a half years and you’ll find me sat at a group called bouncing babies run by my local Sure Start centre with my gorgeous little man Harrison. Who at six weeks old was already a smiler and who I was totally head over heels in love with…. Except my world had also been turned upside down in the process, suddenly it was normal to go days without a shower, to sport baby sick as the latest fashion accessory and fret over whether the contents of that nappy are normal, I mean really green/black/yellow poo?!!? Normal?! Here was I at a baby group, yes me! Who used to love reading a paper at Starbucks over a skinny latte or spending the afternoon at the hair dressers, Indian head massage, oh yes please! Now I was sat here begging for one of the other mummies to talk to me, to tell me it’s normal to be scared and elated all in the same breath. So here is where ‘The Mammies’ came in.
The Mammies!

I can still remember meeting each and everyone of them. We had all the insecurities that come part and parcel of being a first time mum, challenges, trials and tribulations, as well as a whole load of giggling over a gin or two. We have faced everything you can imagine, but through it we’ve had each other to wipe away those sleep deprived tears, to send prayers of strength and witness the most amazing achievements by ourselves and our little ones. You see us Mums aren’t superwomen (although I think we rank a close second), we are only human, we’re tired or insecure, we’re sleep deprived and tested to the limit, we’re blown away by our bundles of joy and want to ask ‘is that normal/ok?’, sometimes your Mummy friends may just pass you the box of tissues and a mars bar or they might tell you ‘trust your instinct’ or my favourite has to be putting the dancing shoes on and getting a night out for some finger pointing to the juke box!
Sara with her gorgeous kids!

So with these lovely Mammies propping me up and saying you can do it, over one crazy Gin or two it was discussed, why don’t you start your own business? Erm Ok that sounds like a great idea…… See I‘d always loved to bake, taking after my own lovely mummy, so it was natural with my design background in the theatres to make my own kiddies birthday cakes, then family cakes and of course not willing to miss a trick the mammies cakes. They say from a seed, a great oak can grow and Ok my Kitchen is no oak but it is my gorgeous third baby. Don’t get me wrong it’s been tough along the way and there has been many a tearful tantrum at midnight when I’m trying to juggle being a business lady and a mummy, but I wouldn’t change it for the world! It has made me a confident mum, proud to show my children what exactly can be achieved with a lot of hard work., but it really wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for The Mammies, my family and friends.

If you had said to us over five years ago where we would be now, we would have laughed hysterically, running our own businesses, expanding our families, director of a company, back to university and trust me that is just the tip of the iceberg! One thing I do know I’m really excited to see where the next five years takes us!
Sara xx
So why not pop in and see me and Sara and the other wonderful businesses we share our office space with. You'll get a warm welcome, a cuppa and if you're lucky you might get some of Sara's really tasty cake! You can also pick up one of our fabulous Mother's Day Bags - these cotton bags come with a pack of fabric pens and are a steal at only £9.99. If you can't make it into the office then don't panic, drop me a line to buy or get more details.
See you soon everybody!

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