Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Surprise parties - hints & tips

Are you planning a Surprise Party? 

If you're thinking about throwing a surprise party for somebody then trust me it's not always as easy to organise as you might think.

Here's my top tips for planning a surpise party are;

1. Keep it simple and straightforward. Surprise parties are hard work enough without making the arrangements too complicated!

2. Make sure that all the guests know what time to get there. Write the invitations for about half an hour before the guest of honour is due to arrive to avoid any last minute cock-ups.

3. Obviously you have to tell people but make sure they all know it's a surprise. It can be good if you can email a couple of people and ask them to spread the word discreetly. Make sure that they are letting everybody know that it is a surprise. Then you're not left trying to organise people, supplies, venues, catering etc.

4. Don't do the whole "lets all pretend we've all forgotten your birthday" routine. In my experience it doesn't work. Instead pretend you're doing something low key and then the element of surprise is better.

6. Will children be invited? Now sometimes your children will want to be involved in the preparations but if your children are anything like my daughter then they'll let the cat out of the bag. Maybe involve them in the last stages then there's less chance of it slipping out.

7. Make sure that the person who you are organising the party for will be pleased to have a surprise party thrown for them! You'd be amazed at how many people would actually rather eat their own arm then walk into a dark room and "surprise".

8. Last, and perhaps more importantly, have a fabulous party!!

Are you always the one in your circle of friends that gets left with organising the parties? If you are then why not
get in touch with me. I'm always happy to chat and help if I can. Together I'm sure we can come up with a party that's certain to fit the bill!

Here's the shameless plug at the bottom! We have party boxes for all occasions. Our Milestone Party Boxes and Baby Shower Party Boxes are especially good for surprises.

Keep smiling my friends


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